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Dec 8, 2013 10:05pm EST
law and he understood as someone who had grown up poor, who had only had about a year and a half of schooling and had learned how to read by the light of a fireplace because his family could not afford candles. he understood that it is the rule of law that protects the weak and the average person in them without this it is the predators and the vicious and the powerful. and so he saw what we were fighting over is the very essence of freedom and whether or not that freedom would survive. and he goes to gettysburg, this would have gotten much longer and much bloodier and much more difficult than he could imagine or that anyone expected. everyone thought it was a 30 day to 90 day war. and lincoln is having to explain to the north by is it worth this level of pain. gettysburg was the bloodiest battle of the war. three days, an enormous number of casualties on both sides. and in virtually every village in america, there is a family that has lost somebody. and the whole series of presidents. lincoln is going to run for reelection having failed to win the war. and so if you go back and you
Dec 9, 2013 12:35am EST
is information that is not any longer rejected under the laws of this country. it jeopardizes those individuals. >> to have completely lost me. is that a surprise? [laughter] outed byhouldn't be you and your newspaper. other]g over each >> you are either going to answer the question or not. >> please do go on. if you go to the stonewall website, you can find the same information there. >> you said it was news to you. it was in your newspaper. what about the fact that gchq organize trips to disneyland and paris? and information including family details of members of gchq? >> from gchq to disneyland -- computer files and hackers. building that resembles that --cription is a story about >> i would rather that you didn't. [laughter] we do not need to publicize the information. what about secret locations? there is a point about talk that is in danger of having a discussion about the digital age. anyone who is interested in this would have done nothing were not available on the website. there's nothing the guardian published that is endangering --ple in the way that you >> it's not what
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2